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What Does Mad Diesel Performance Do?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Mad Diesel performance is a one stop shop.

What does that mean you ask? Here we do our best to be able to cover all of the things someone could need done to or for a vehicle. We have a wide range of services that our onsite seasoned techs will be able to handle quickly and accurately.

Does Mad Diesel work on everything?

Here at Mad Diesel we do work on just about everything. This goes for the light and medium duty diesel trucks to the heavy duty over the road vehicles. We also have techs that specialize in hydraulic and generator work.

I Have a Fleet Can you help me?

We absolutely can! We offer fleet discounts even depending on the size and services needed.

Do you offer mobile services?

Mobile services are something that we offer to get a mobile quote you would need to give us a call and we can go from there. Overall we try to work on just about everything and have the ability to take care of everyone in not only a timely fashion but also for a fair price. Please think of us for any of your vehicle service needs.

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